Does your dog won’t stop barking at night? 4 effective & easy solutions!

Having a rooster crowing before daybreak is frustrating. And yet, contrary to popular belief, it does exist. A rooster will sing if he feels danger near the chicken coop, for example, a roaming animal or an unusual light. The animals are similar and their survival instincts are very strong. Even if our dogs are domesticated to adapt to human life, it is the same for them: they have instincts and reflexes that make them bark or cry in certain situations. So how to get a dog to stop barking at night period is no exception to the rule. While most of us humans sleep asleep, for dogs this is not always the case.

Let’s see together what are these situations where our piteous decide to play the raging owls and what are the solutions to train a dog not to bark anymore – and let us sleep!

1. The dog barking after the outside noise

A passerby who walks, the neighbor’s dog which barks, a raccoon who searches the trash cans are all micro night owls that can pollute your dog’s tranquility and make him react. He does not know that the passer-by is harmless or that the raccoon will be satisfied with a few rubbish before leaving for his burrow. He is afraid and tries to remove what scares him! Obviously, this at the same time notifies us that something is happening!

2. The barking dog because he is anxious!

Sometimes dogs can react really badly to the separation from their owner or their family and suffer from separation anxiety. Bedtime, therefore, becomes anxious, forcing your dog to cry, moan and try to wake you up. For him, being alone is unthinkable. He may die because you are not there. It’s as intense as that. His survival instinct is on the alert.

Be careful, your dog will not necessarily express all of these symptoms. He can express 2-3 of them and still suffer from anxiety.

3. Is your dog bored at night?

It’s a fact: dogs can get bored while you’re in Morpheus’ arms. So they’ll try to wake you up so the game can start, or just bark outside to keep busy.

If your dog comes to wake you up, the best thing to do is to ignore him completely. I know, there is nothing magic in this solution and it is rather restrictive because it requires patience and tenacity. But it works!

On the other hand, generally, when it comes to this solution, it is that we have forgotten steps: your dog needs daily physical and mental activities to be well in his hair.

4. How to get my puppy to stop at night! Help!

Puppies have different needs, both physiologically and psychologically. Most of the barking during the night, in their cases, is due either to a desire or to insecurity.

Also, we advise you to use dog bark control collar or see if the integration into the cage has been carried out. Is your dog’s cage a place of comfort and pleasure, there is no bark collar required as he learned gradually, or a place of distress and frustrations? Give him toys and a good cushion, that’s all.

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