Why My Dog Pees When Left Alone and what can I do about it

This behavior of leaving small amounts of urine all over the house is much more common in male dogs than in female dogs. The male dog then lifts its paw, sometimes very high, to emit a small stream of urine on a vertical surface such as a piece of furniture, a refrigerator or a wall in your home. This behavior generally appears at puberty as early as 6 months for small dogs, a little later in larger dogs.

Even if this habit annoys you, know that your doggie does not do so to annoy you.

The cleanliness of the puppy is one of the first educational lessons to give to your dog. And for good reason, nothing is more disturbing than a dog that does its business in the house. Training your dog to be clean will, therefore, be very important in the first weeks. On the other hand, it can happen that an already educated dog starts to pee in the house, which is far from pleasant. If your dog urinates in the house, he may have a problem so find the best dog trainers. Let’s see together the causes of this type of accident…

The cleanliness of the dog

To begin, I wanted to remind you in the first place that dogs are fairly clean animals.

From our youth, we tend to move away to meet our needs. The cleanliness of a puppy arrives from this fact from the first weeks.

However, keep in mind that dogs will not naturally poop outside. This will require them to understand that urinating in the house is prohibited. The best method of training a puppy is to praise him as soon as he urinates outside the house.

Why does my dog ​​urinate in the house?

Even so, it can happen that a dog starts to urinate inside when it was perfectly clean a few weeks earlier. This can be explained by two different factors:

Physiological causes

A dog that pees in the house may simply have a urinary tract infection. He just can’t seem to hold back. This is why it is always essential to consult a veterinarian if a dog urinates in the house suddenly.

Behavioral causes

Very often, it is the behavior of the dog which is the cause of pee in the house. Your dog may be too fearful to go out to do his business or may be so attached to you that he is stressed each time you depart.

If the house pee problem persists, you may need a professional: veterinarian or dog behavior trainer.

My dog ​​pees at night: what to do?

Sometimes, a dog can only pee in the house at certain times, for example during the night.

In this case, it may simply be that your doggie can not hold back all night! If it is still a puppy, do not worry. It takes a few weeks for a dog’s bladder to be developed enough to allow it to hold back for several hours.

If not, consult a dog behavior trainer. Your dog may have cystitis.

In any case, always remember to walk your dog morning and evening, so as to be sure that he has time to do his business before you go to bed or when you get up. If your dog knows he will be taken for a walk in the morning, he will try harder to restrain himself.

Things to avoid when my dog ​​pees in the house

The worst mistake to make when a dog urinates in the house is punishment! Unless caught in the bag, your pet will never understand why you are yelling at him. And putting the truffle in his excrement will make the situation even more confusing!

In case of pee in the house, just isolate your dog when cleaning his oversights. And always remember to congratulate him when he goes to the bathroom outside.

Also, avoid teaching your dog to pee on a newspaper. This is a bad habit, as a dog will always have a hard time understanding the difference between the newspaper and a carpet. It is, therefore, more effective to teach him directly to urinate outside, although this will involve some tasks at the beginning of your education.

If he urinates everywhere and you don’t take him out often enough, he’ll have to be more attentive to his needs. Offer him longer walks in nature so that he can let off steam and meet other dogs. If he really needs to work out, why not make him practice a dog sport and hire a dog behavior trainer? There are many and it is a good way for him to meet other fellows.

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