Summer for Dogs – How to Cool a Dog in Summer?

During the heat, our dog can never lack water. We must ensure that a drinking fountain with fresh water is always at your disposal, so we must clean it and change it frequently. If we are going to be absent for a considerable time, it is a good idea to leave several containers with water so that, if we are late, we will not run out of it. We must also check that your pot does not tip over. In the market, we will find a good selection of containers for this use.

On the other hand, if we go out with our dog we have to make sure that he will be able to drink and we should offer him water. We can get a portable drinker or locate a source where the dog can drink. Regarding food, we may notice that he eats less. If we offer freshly made food, we must eliminate leftovers before they are damaged by heat or attract insects.

The water has other uses and can help us keep the dog cool in summer, such as through the bathroom (not with cold water), which we can do conventionally in the bathtub or, if we have space, a good barreño can Become a pool where our dog soaks to your liking. Of course, we must bear in mind that some antiparasitic products do not advise to bathe the dog either before or after applying them, so it is possible that we should wait a couple of days after administration. Likewise, we cannot bathe the dog just before so that the washing does not interfere with the protective effect of the product. Wetting a towel or spraying water can also refresh it. As a last tip to take care of a dog in summer, ice can become a good toy, as well as homemade dog ice cream.

How to protect a dog from the heat? – Fresh environment

Whether our dog lives indoors or outdoors, it must have a cool place in the shade to protect itself from heat. At home, opening the windows, using the air conditioning or fans, lowering blinds or running curtains will be essential elements to take care of a dog in summer.

If you have access or live abroad we have to make sure that you have a booth or a covered place to shelter. We must never leave it tied. It is advisable by dog training experts that during the feeding hours of the mosquitoes they had the possibility of being in a closed place to avoid bites that could transmit diseases such as filariasis, correctly denominated in the veterinary field as dirofilariasis, or leishmaniasis.

Can you cut a dog’s hair in summer?

As advised by dog training experts to take care of our dogs in summer we must repair the mantle. Not all types of fur should be cut, so if we are thinking about shaving our dog, we must first consult with our canine or veterinary hairdresser if it is relevant, since the hair also offers protection and prevents burns. Check the article ” Is it good to cut dogs’ hair in summer? ” To find out when it should be cut.

The frequent brushing, moreover, will help remove dead hair and thus facilitate molting. If we walk through wooded areas where it is possible that spikes, splinters, thorns or even ticks adhere to the mantle, it is a good idea that we just check it home, looking for any of these elements. The sooner we remove the ticks, always carefully so as not to leave our heads inside, the lower the risk that they can transmit the diseases in which it acts as a vector.

When to take the dog for a walk in summer?

To know how to take care of a dog in summer it is essential to review leisure time and exercise. During the hot season, we should avoid walking our dog in the hours of greatest sunshine. We must also restrict the exercise, as he may not realize that he suffocates, even endangering his health. If we observe that he does not want to walk we should not force him and wait for cooler hours, such as the first ones in the morning or at night. We must realize that, when not wearing shoes, you might find it annoying to walk on a very hot floor. A good trick to check if the asphalt is in the right conditions or not to take the dog for a walk in summer is to place the palm of our hand on top and wait five seconds; If we notice that it burns, we already have the answer.

Tips for traveling with dogs or doing activities

Whether we are thinking of going on vacation with dogs or looking for plans and activities with them, it is important, first, to know the character of the animal and its needs. If we live near a beach where access is allowed for dogs, it can be a good destination, especially if you like water. Otherwise, we should not force him and, therefore, we must find a more appropriate place for him, such as the mountain. Likewise, we must remember that whenever we travel with our dog in the car we must take it in the back seat with its safety harness or, if necessary, inside a carrier. It is convenient to make stops in order to walk and refresh the dog. Regarding the use of other transports, we must consult their specific conditions.

If, on the contrary, we decide to leave our dog in a residence, the best advice to take care of our dog in summer is going to be to gather all the information of one or several of these establishments, especially seeking opinions from other users to ensure that Our dog stays in the best hands and with all the guarantees.

Keep these tips provided by dog training experts in mind, to enjoy a summer in peace with your four-legged friend!

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